Why Alycia Reeves is different



I use client-centered bodywork. This means I do not have a cookie-cutter massage that I use for every client. I use a variety of techniques that are tailored specifically for you. The modalities I use succeed in reducing pain, tension, and increase flexibility.

Attention to detail

From the moment we begin your session until you leave, I am focused entirely on your well-being. I’ll ask you several questions before the session to get an accurate sense of how to treat your pain and tension. I check in a couple times during your session to make sure we are still on the right track. Then after the massage, I note what techniques made the most difference so we can include the same type of techniques you enjoyed in your next session.


Genuine compassion

I really care. I have a deep desire to relieve pain in others. I feel that pain can be triggered from a variety of origins. That is why I choose to listen to each person intently, with all my senses, in order to treat each person in the most effective and balanced way.

I have loved giving massages even as a child. When I was 9 years old, I heard that massage therapy was an actual profession, and boy was I happy to hear that! I remember my cousin and I trading massages almost every night we had a sleepover. To this day she is my best friend, and I often wonder how much our affection for each other was deepened through the healing power of touch.

Miscellaneous facts about me

  • I hate running, almost as much as I hate cooked spinach.
  • My love for cheeseburgers will never allow me to become vegan.
  • When I’m not giving massages I’m usually in the garden.
  • Riding my motorcycle helps me to decompress…it’s just plain fun.
  • Every year I hike a week straight on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • I own way too many shoes, but I always seem to wear the same pair.
  • I have telephonophobia (fear of making or taking phone calls). I will certainly answer your phone call; however, I do prefer a text or an email!